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Photograph of Dr. Gosrani outside the brand new offices of Gosrani Optimal Health, April 28, 2016
Dr. Gosrani outside the new home of Gosrani Optimal Health, Reidsville, NC

Gosrani Optimal Health provides primary medical care that active­ly pro­motes wellness and pro-active disease pre­ven­tion. Well­ness is the best pro­tec­tion against life-threatening, chronic dis­ease pro­cesses that begin years before symp­toms appear. We are com­mitted to re­stor­ing patients’ health and im­mune systems to proper func­tioning. We believe that pri­mary health care should edu­cate patients about the rela­tion­ship between life­style and health and encour­age them to make po­ten­tially life-saving life­style changes.

Isn’t this what health care ought to be?

Wellness is much more than being disease-free. Well­ness enhances every aspect of life: work, family, friends, energy, strength, stamina — and sex. Being healthy is the most intel­li­gent invest­ment you can make. It’s also the best health insur­ance you can’t buy: think of all the drugs and the hos­pital bills you won’t have to pay for. Think of the time you’ll save: sick days you can use for vaca­tion, days you can enjoy spend­ing with family and friends, the years of good health you’ll be adding to your life.

No gimmicks. No magic bullets. Just science.

If you care about health and wellness, and want to actively work toward optimal health, Dr. Gosrani will not disappoint. — Chris Rama M.D.

Peer-reviewed scientific research con­tinues to prove that health is affected much more by every­day choices about food and activ­ity than by family his­tory or environ­mental agents. What kind of food you eat and how much exer­cise you get deter­mine how healthy you are and how well your body can fight off dis­ease. Gosrani Optimal Health uses this science to help patients make every­day choices that can trans­form their quality of life.

You can take control of your health

An unhealthy lifestyle leads to chronic disease: your risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, hyper­tension, cardio­vascular disease, rheuma­toid arthri­tis and many cancers is directly related to your eating habits, activity level, alcohol con­sump­tion and smoking. These dis­eases are entirely pre­vent­able. Well­ness is the result of a healthy life­style. Gosrani Optimal Health edu­cates, super­vises and encour­ages patients to take control of their health by adopt­ing a healthy lifestyle.

Education + Supervision + Support = Wellness

Dr. Gosrani gives personal attention to every aspect of the wellbeing of his patients. — R.S, High Point, NC

Changing your every­day habits isn’t com­plicated, but it can be chal­leng­ing. Dr. Gosrani knows from per­sonal experi­ence that even som­eone with power­ful moti­va­tion and a thor­ough under­standing of the under­lying science can use some extra help making life­style changes (see Dr. Gosrani’s Story). Gosrani Optimal Health was created to support patients tran­si­tioning from years of inactivity and poor eating habits to regular exercise and unprocessed, whole-food nutrition. We provide the information, medical super­vision — and the occasional morale boost when required.

If you are interested in pursuing personal fitness beyond the scope of primary care, please read about the Optimal Health Program.

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