Poster Child

I am the Optimal Health Program poster child I come from a typical Anglo-Indian family. Food was always at the center of life. We used to sit down as a family for breakfast, lunch and dinner — all meals usually prepared by my mum. As a child, I was expected to finish everything on my… . . . Read more

Chris Rama M.D.

Dr. Gosrani’s Optimal Health is the most comprehensive wellness program I have encountered. He goes above and beyond what most physician’s do in terms of diagnostic testing for markers of health and markers of chronic illness that could affect optimal health. He then analyzes the data to come up with a comprehensive plan of care that… . . . Read more

Sabrina Howard

When I heard of Optimal Health about five months ago, I was very curious. I’ve tried just about every sort of diet plan for weight loss. I was at a place of true despair and disgust that nothing had ever really worked for me; everything seemed to be a short-term fix. Every plan was generic,… . . . Read more

Celine Harris

I’m 54 years old. There’s rarely been a time in my life when my weight was not an issue. Since childhood, it’s literally been an emotional roller coaster for me. I slimmed down in early adolescence, then experienced the typical yo-yo syndrome. I can peg the rise and fall of my weight to where I… . . . Read more

J.P. and Jessica Brown

Before I even knew there was a question, before it was even a possibility, Dr. Gosrani’s program was the answer. I have trained in karate for most of my life. Even before I started formal karate training, I was in love with the principle. When I began my training in high school, I weighed about 300… . . . Read more

Patrick Burke

I’ve been a patient of Doctor Gosrani for five months now. I’ve dropped from 190 to 174 pounds, my strength has more than doubled in most exercises, and my cardiovascular health isn’t even comparable. By every actual measure we have taken, from physical performance to blood tests, my health has improved. But that’s not the… . . . Read more

Nicky Dickerson

I’ve been part of Dr. Gosrani’s Optimal Health program for just one month. I’m down six pounds! I must mention that during this month I went on an eight-day vacation, celebrated my son’s birthday and my own birthday. I haven’t been perfect with the plan but I’m still seeing results. One of the beauties of the… . . . Read more

Pete Babcock

I have been Dr. Gosrani’s patient for almost six months. I’ve gotten stronger and more fit at 39 than I was in my 20s. What I like most is that Dr. Gosrani doesn’t just focus on one part of wellness, but on all the pieces of the puzzle — nutrition, exercise, hormones and spirit. He wants to… . . . Read more

R.S., High Point, NC

The Gosrani Optimal Health program provided not only the detailed information about my health and where I need to focus but also a complete plan of action to improve my overall health, energy level and well being. Dr. Gosrani gives personal attention to every aspect of the wellbeing of his patients. . . . Read more

Vincent Mulisano

Vincent has been a Gosrani Optimal Health patient for one year. His “Before” and “After” photographs speak for themselves. . . . Read more

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