Sabrina Howard

When I heard of Optimal Health about five months ago, I was very curious. I’ve tried just about every sort of diet plan for weight loss. I was at a place of true despair and disgust that nothing had ever really worked for me; everything seemed to be a short-term fix. Every plan was generic, and nothing lasted even with my best intentions. I prayed and prayed for help with my health and my weight. I had just about decided to just eat whatever and weigh whatever. Then out of the blue, I was told about this wonderful program, Gosrani Optimal Health. I e-mailed Dr. Gosrani as soon as I got to my office. He replied right away and agreed to speak with me. After a series of tests and a face-to-face interview with Dr. Gosrani, I was so impressed and excited that I couldn’t wait to start on this new lifestyle journey with him and his program. I knew that God had answered my prayers.

I am four months into the program and let me tell you, I am still very impressed. When I was retested after the first quarterly period, all my numbers had dropped by 50%. My triglycerides had always run very high — between 400–800 — and had never gone below 350 in 31 years. For the first time, they’re 328. It’s like a miracle. I’ve dropped two dress sizes and I feel so much better! It’s a wonderful feeling. For the first time in my life, I believe I have the answers I’ve been looking for.

You might ask, what’s the difference between this plan and all the others? This plan is individualized for each patient based on blood work, V02-max testing, a BMI scan and each individual’s physiological needs. Dr. Gosrani and his Optimal Health program are truly life-changing. It’s a blessing to have found this doctor and his program. I thank God every day for this new way of life. I know my lifestyle will only continue to improve with this program. I’m anticipating all the changes yet to come and updating everyone on my progress!

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